Becky Lloyd DesRoches

singer / songwriter / psych professor

Currently based outside Boston, MA, Becky has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. Being a psychology prof takes time away from music but provides premium fodder for songwriting. She made the most of pandemic times by finishing her long-planned project, "Perpetual Emotion", in 2020. That got her music juices flowing again, and the single "We Are" was released in early 2021.

Always writing from the heart and mind together, her music could easily be mistaken for AAA, but then you realize she has such profound insight, she owes as much to great lyricists like Suzanne Vega and Tori Amos (pictured here at a meet & greet*) as to more similar sounding artists like Joni Mitchell and Indigo Girls.

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* Tori Amos Meet & Greet

KFOG, the fabulous SF radio station, was promoting Amos' show and held a contest to see who could prove themselves a Tori Amos super fan. Becky won by calling in and performing a Tori song with her strange mouth clapping. It was indeed a privilege to meet and greet such a legend. Becky: "I’m pretty sure no one else tried to win that way."